Teaching and Speaking

I give workshops and classes on comics and visual story telling and I do speaking about the artistic life.  Please contact me if interested: summer (at) summerpierre (dot) com

I have given talks at libraries and schools and given workshops at art centers, public schools, and colleges for both kids and adults.

My speaking subjects include an artist talk about my story and process, visual story telling, and work/life balance.

Here are a few things that people have said about my speaking:

Summer Pierre expertly and most entertainingly demonstrates how life experiences and even mundane objects can translate into a cartoon, a story, a design. She is a most dynamic presenter whose delivery and information was spot on.  What an enjoyable night!

- Elaine D., The Friends of the Highland Falls Library

We absolutely loved having Summer visit our school. She gave an amazing, dynamic presentation to a large group of fifth graders, which is no easy task. Summer immediately drew the kids in by sharing her own 5th and 6th grade comics with them. What followed was a lively back-and-forth about why we draw and write, how comic artists find inspiration and the kids’ favorite comics and graphic novels. When the session ended, I couldn’t believe how many kids clustered around Summer: they simply could not get enough of her. We can’t wait for Summer to come back and teach a workshop! 

-Kim S., PS 3 Parent

Here are a few things people have said about my teaching:

Summer brings so much fun and warmth to the classroom, it's almost as if you only realize afterward that -- through some keen sleight of hand -- she has imparted valuable lessons and guidance. Her depth of knowledge is a great asset and her commitment and passion for comics is contagious. Summer strikes a perfect balance between exercising patience and humor on one hand, and keeping students focused and in alignment with class goals on the other. Finding her class has been like stumbling upon a world-class trainer in a small town gym. 

ā€‹-Annie Vā€‹., Student

I loved this class and loved Summer as a teacher! Her blend of thoughtful instruction, genuine encouragement and sense of fun empowered everyone in the class to discover and create with great freedom while gaining new skills and perspectives on art. I'm looking forward to taking more of Summer's classes in the future. Can't recommend them highly enough!

- Jen M., Student

Simply put, Summer Pierre is a terrific teacher. When I signed up for her class, I was in the midst of learning to draw at the ripe old age of 67. (Since then I've turned 68.) I told her my drawing skills were rudimentary. "No problem", she replied. And it wasn't.  Her classes are well organized, the handouts are very much to-the-point and her enthusiasm and encouragement are infectious. And she doesn't let you slack off!
-John D., Student

Please contact me if you are interested: summer(at)summerpierre(dot)com